Taken from the Queens Chronicle, Printed September 17, 2015

It was 2010, and Forest Hills resident and Pastor John Kim sat at his desk with his head in his hands, overwhelmed with frustration. His recently founded energy supply company, Global Energy, sat stagnant at 17 commercial accounts. His desire and ability to provide honest and transparent electric and gas supply at competitive rates was being quickly overwhelmed by the bait-and-switch tactics and misleading marketing efforts of less ethically-inclined companies in his industry. He considered giving up many times, but knew that leaving the industry would mean one less opportunity for local businesses to receive a fair rate.

Fast forward to 2015, Global Energy is Proud to now service close to 2,500 satisfied Local Merchants, Mom & Pop businesses, laundromats, Restaurants, & Customers throughout the Borough of Queens & New York. John and his dedicated team are determined to change the landscape of energy supply for the better in Queens & all of New York. They have grown the company using a relationship and customer service-based model, combined with the lowest electric and gas rates on the market. They have an astounding retention rate of over 90%, the highest among their competitors.

John understands the no-nonsense and honest approach to business that marks a Queens business owner, because he is one.

Unfortunately, not all energy companies treat their customers with such a level of respect. For every business owner who is satisfied with their energy supplier, there are five who have had negative experiences. Global Energy knows this all too well, having had to help countless business owners resolve disputes with previous suppliers.

Independent energy supply is a product that has the ability to help a vast segment of businesses save valuable resources. It’s a shame that too often it’s been manipulated and misrepresented in the name of greed and competition. It’s Global Energy’s goal to restore the integrity of the product by selling it the right way.

Global Energy’s absolute commitment to the ideals John Kim set forth and refused to abandon back in 2010 are the driving force behind the company’s success. And when a company like Global Energy succeeds, other firms in the same industry are forced to adapt as well, leading to a positive change.

By becoming a Global Energy customer, local businesses are not only saving thousands of dollars and building a long-term business relationship, they’re helping the Queens community at large.