Expertise that Powers

Today’s energy markets pose constant challenges, even after you have secured cost-effective electric or natural gas service. Our experts offer a portfolio of value-added services to help turn these challenges into opportunities – streamlining operations, supporting future plans and reducing long-term costs.


Multi-sited organizations and those with large operational footprints often require multiple energy suppliers and accounts, making it difficult to resolve billing questions or manage payables efficiently. Our experienced specialists have the expertise to solve these problems faster and more economically, while freeing your personnel to work on what they do best.


As many as seven out of 10 energy account audits uncover errors, overcharges or missed opportunities. We can provide a detailed analysis of your electric and natural gas accounts for periods up to 36 months, then challenge any erroneous charges. We can also recover overpayments on your behalf, while ensuring that you don’t pay more than you should in the future.


For years we have helped businesses reduce their environmental impact with affordable and creative sustainability initiatives, including solar energy consulting services. If you wish to pursue renewable energy supply, our longstanding energy partnerships make it possible to bundle your gas/electric supply with carbon offset products that compensate for greenhouse emissions elsewhere – all while leaving your service and billing unchanged. If you’re looking for a longer-term renewable energy solution that will reduce costs, consumption and environmental impact, we can advise you on a solar energy installation.


Accurately projecting energy needs and costs requires highly skilled interpretation of market data, contracts, facility demands, regulatory issues and more – with disastrous budgetary consequences if you get it wrong. Our veteran industry analysts can support your planning process with expert cost forecasting at the site or organizational level, for budgeting that’s squarely on target.


Storms, outages, geopolitical events and regulations are some of the many factors that constantly ripple through energy markets to affect your bottom line. We can provide timely identification of market opportunities and regulatory changes, helping you limit risk exposure and renew energy commitments at the most favorable time.