About Us

Business partners Alex Weiss and John Kim began working together in 2007 and teamed up full-time in 2010. John moved to New York and began managing Global Energy. His business practices emphasize honesty and developing trust among businesses in the area. Building on these principles, Global Energy has grown to reach thousands of businesses, not only in Queens, but also throughout NYC, Westchester County, and Long Island.

John and his wife live with their four children in Queens, where at least half of Global Energy’s clients also live and work. The proud son of Laundromat owners, many of his current customers run small and midsize businesses like restaurants, markets, bakeries, hotels, day spas, package stores, small storefronts, nail salons, and, yes, Laundromats, as well as manufacturing companies.

Home and apartment owners across the city make up a growing cross section of Global Energy’s clients.

A Commitment to Honesty

Fairness is especially important to John and his tight-knit team because many of their customers are immigrants who’ve experienced deceptive business practices before choosing to work with Global Energy.

For these clients, reliable long-term budgeting for gas, electric and other utilities is essential to the survival of their businesses; Global values our role in providing these clients with reliable, low energy rates.

No Surprises

That’s also why Global believes above all else that shopping for energy should be a transparent process, with no surprises waiting for the hardworking customers who choose our service for their home or small business energy needs.

In addition to providing energy contracts with guaranteed monthly rates (and no hidden fees or rate hikes), we also pride ourselves on the responsiveness of our agents, most of whom live in the communities they represent and generate new business through positive word-of-mouth.

Fast Rates, Reliable Customer Support

Global’s savings analysis and rate quote service are among the fastest and easiest to understand in the business and, though we make no promises, we frequently save our clients up to 15% on their energy supply bills.

Our commitment to customer service means that when clients call with questions or issues – no matter how challenging – we work to find solutions the same day.

To learn more about the Global Energy difference, call (800) 385-7893, email us at info@globalenergyllc.net, or visit our contact page.