Honesty, transparency and a commitment to service have been the foundation of Global Energy since 2010. Today that personal commitment continues to drive us – growing our customer base from just 17 small businesses, to more than 4,000 accounts.


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John Kim

John Kim


Leader of Global Energy since 2010, John oversees all aspects of the company’s growth, team and customer experience.

He champions an ethical business model learned while growing up as part of his family’s own small business, focusing on long-term satisfaction for hard-working customers of every size.

Away from the office, John enjoys table tennis, reading and spending time with his wife and four children. He is also actively involved in his hometown of Westfield, NJ as a pastor and community leader.


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Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens

Vice President

With nearly 15 years of direct energy supply experience, Mike supports our clients, sales agents and energy affiliates with a unique level of technical and strategic expertise.

His supplier’s perspective allows Global Energy to craft highly customized proposals and obtain better rates via genuine working partnerships, while reducing areas of uncertainty for customers.

Mike’s off-duty interests include spending time with his wife and son, golfing, skiing and listening to music.


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Alex Riemer

Alex Riemer


Since 2015 Alex has been Global Energy’s MVP (most versatile player) when it comes to increasing growth, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

He manages our network of sales agents and independent brokers, selling directly to commercial and industrial accounts and overseeing our support systems. Alex also leads our sustainable energy efforts, innovatively creating low-cost green options and our solar energy consultancy.

Outside of Global Energy, Alex is an avid mountain climber, skier, eater, traveler and long-suffering Mets fan.


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Joe Gugino

Joe Gugino

Business Development Manager

Building front-line relationships across the U.S. from his base on the East Coast, Joe provides seamless support and connections for our Global Energy customers.

His past experience as a college administrator and educator also yields helpful insights on the value of cost reduction to successful institutions. Joe’s contagious optimism and passion make him a welcome energy source for our team.

Joe is an enthusiastic fisherman when he’s not casting his net for Global Energy customers, and loves spending time with his wife and newborn daughter.


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Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy

Senior Operations Analyst

Mike’s decade of experience in energy pricing, risk and financing offers our customers a valuable resource for impactful, timely cost reduction strategies.

He supports our direct sales staff with a strong focus on efficiency, viewing each customer from a wide-ranging and uniquely informed perspective.

When not crunching numbers on his computer, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife and son, going to concerts and rooting for the Buffalo Bills.


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Stephen Pogodzienski

Stephen Pogodzienski

Senior Business Development Manager

Stephen develops long-term customer relationships based on a commitment to successful cost-reduction strategies and trust.

Known to all as “Pogo,” he has spent more than 20 years in corporate business development and consulting on behalf of several international organizations. Stephen uses his experience to understand the goals and unique requirements of every customer so that he can offer effective solutions.

A world record holding fly fisherman, Stephen can often be found on the water when he’s not serving Global Energy customers.


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Jessica Trindade

Jessica Trindade

Operations Analyst

Jessica manages day-to-day operations at Global Energy, actively ensuring that each and every customer receives quality products and services as expected.

She directly oversees customer billing, data input and organization and contract booking, in addition to assisting with pricing and special projects.

Originally from Brazil, Jessie enjoys videography, boxing and travel with her husband.


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Securing the best strategy for your electric or natural gas service is an important reason to work with us, but not the only one. Working with Global Energy, you are assured of a process that is transparent, rigorous and focused on your success. Show more


Using simple account information and brief pointed discussion, we gather data and insights about your energy usage and future plans at no cost or risk to your privacy.


We assess options in cooperation with suppliers to obtain pricing opportunities typically unavailable to brokers – while resolving hidden fees before they reach you.


You get a 1-page overview of the best bids plus a review in person or by phone. If you accept any bid, we expertly negotiate contracts, pricing and supplier agreements to your satisfaction.


After signing, a dedicated representative will provide billing support and market monitoring so you can take advantage of superior renewal opportunities well before your contract expires.


In addition to being a licensed energy broker in deregulated states nationwide, Global Energy is a retail supplier of natural gas with a service footprint spanning New York City, Long Island, Westchester County and many areas of New Jersey. Show more

We offer exciting growth opportunities for:

Agents     Brokers     Channel partners

You can learn more about our direct supply services by contacting Mike Stevens at 716-926-8269 or via email.

Affiliate Spotlight

Kent Morgan

President and CEO, Utmost Energy

A gifted problem-solver, Kent entered the energy marketplace in the late 1990s and has since negotiated deals for businesses in every deregulated state. Because of his varied experience working with real estate owners, developers, managing agents and large commercial and industrial tenants, Kent has been instrumental in guiding his clients through the changes in the deregulated electricity markets and has successfully negotiated many of the largest electricity supply contracts in North America.


Modern energy markets continue to create exciting job opportunities at Global Energy, with openings on our internal staff and talented team of agents. Show more

If you’re entrepreneurial and passionate about delivering great service, contact us today for careers that can offer:

  • Growth opportunities
  • Significant income potential
  • A caring, supportive and highly ethical workplace

To learn more, call 800-385-7893 or send your resume to Alex Riemer via email.