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Thanks for visiting Global Energy's site. Every day, we help New York business and homeowners access consistent gas and electric rates with no surprises down the line. We even offer a handy calculator to help you figure out your new monthly rate – fast and easy!
Fair Rates, Always.
Our rates are often more affordable than the competition, but we don’t guarantee the lowest prices. Instead, we promise honest energy rates that remain consistent month-to-month. There are no surprises with a Global Energy Contract.
New York Citywide Service
Based in Queens, Global Energy serves all of New York’s five boroughs and Westchester County for both business and residential clients. We also serve Long Island and other regions for residential customers.
We Speak Your Language(s)
To find reliable monthly energy rates for your business or home, try our easy-to-use energy rate calculator above. If you have additional questions, call our agents, who are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and other Chinese dialects at (800) 385-7893.

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