Specialized Solutions
for Cost-Effective Energy

We understand that every organization has its own unique requirements. That’s why we go above and beyond traditional energy brokers., by:

  • Understanding your business and how it may change over time
  • Reviewing historical costs
  • Matching you with vetted and proven suppliers
  • Validating low-cost offers to eliminate any hidden fees or uncertainties
  • Presenting clear and carefully explained proposals
  • Negotiating contract language and terms
  • Managing your account on an ongoing basis


Decades of hands-on expertise in both supply and procurement enable us to deliver value beyond basic rates. We help customers secure a long-term reduction in operating expenses. Show More


Identifying hidden fees, surcharges, taxes and line item fees that can turn a low-rate offer into unexpectedly high costs over time
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Carefully matching proven energy suppliers with your needs for billing, flexibility, geography and other factors


Performing all due diligence to meet your corporate needs, resolving contract uncertainties and potential risks before you sign

You’ll also have ongoing support from a dedicated representative who is available for advice, billing support and market monitoring. This simplifies your procurement process and reduces your time and expense managing energy-based operational costs.



In addition to providing energy procurement solutions, Global Energy is a trusted retail supplier of electricity and natural gas. Show More

We supply thousands of customers across New York City, Westchester, Long Island, and New Jersey.

Your service quality and reliability remain the same, with your local utility still available to provide help if you have an emergency related to your natural gas or electricity. Otherwise you’ll have a dedicated Global Energy representative you can contact with other account questions.

If you own a business or live within our service area, call 800-385-7893 to request a free custom quote from our energy professionals. There’s no pressure or obligation – just honest rates and clear, friendly support you can rely on.



Licensed in all deregulated states, we can craft purchasing strategies for your entire organizational footprint. Show More

  • Electricity & natural gas
  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • No choice for electricity or natural gas


Learn how Global Energy goes beyond energy brokers and local utilities to help you manage supply costs and save more in support of your long-term goals. Show More

How is Global Energy different from a traditional energy broker?

Sometimes the lowest-rate offer can yield the highest costs. While brokers often overlook important details in order to win your business, our industry experts are personally committed to providing the lowest-cost strategy.

Traditional Brokers Global Energy
Focus on lowest rate Focus on lowest cost
Push fixed prices Determine best long-term solutions
Quotes based on:

  • Limited market & supply knowledge
  • Rely on suppliers to obtain customer information
  • Treats suppliers as the enemy
Quotes based on:

  • First-hand supply experience
  • Directly audit customer information
  • Works harmoniously with suppliers to offer better pricing
Focus on sales Focus on service
Customer service left to suppliers Customer service by dedicated Global account manager

Consequently, a Global Energy rate quote is more comprehensive, showing you hidden costs over time and recommending suppliers we judge to be the best fit for your needs. Our emphasis on long-term strategies can also help you reduce costs over time or capitalize on new opportunities, with access to ongoing support and value-added services.

What kinds of businesses and institutions can Global Energy serve?

With a proven track record that includes more than 4,000 business customers throughout the U.S., Global Energy professionals can provide specialized procurement solutions for:

  • Business chains
  • Commercial real estate
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare facilities and networks
  • Industrial and manufacturing operations
  • Municipal and public service facilities
  • Retail malls and outlets
  • And more
What is the difference between Global Energy and a local utility?

In deregulated states nationwide we are licensed to negotiate rates on your behalf, buying gas and electricity from competitive sources. Your local utility, in contrast, is a regulated entity that must deliver that natural gas or electricity to you through its existing pipes, wires and equipment, without changing your level of service.

What kind of service can we expect from Global Energy?

Responsive service is crucial to us, so you can count on personal attention from a dedicated professional you know. There are no call centers, no automated support systems and no delays waiting for a response to an online job ticket. Instead you will receive swift, efficient support without wasting your valuable time.

How can Global Energy’s expertise help us save?

Energy purchasing is very complex and knowledge is critical. Our understanding of how to work cooperatively with suppliers yields favorable rates typically unavailable to brokers. We also do extra research, checking and re-checking rate structures that might pose unexpected costs for your business. Our negotiation of contract language and terms can maximize savings and limit your risk exposure. After you sign a contract, our value-added services can also help prevent overcharges, budget more accurately or renew when costs are lowest.

How do seasonal or market fluctuations affect energy costs?

Electricity and natural gas are subject to seasonal cycles, with demand rising in winter and summer during peak heating or cooling periods. However, there are also countless market factors (weather, outages, geopolitical events, regulatory changes) that can severely affect pricing with little advance warning – regardless of what season it is. Because energy often represents one of the largest expenses for any organization, Global Energy’s strategic ability to manage supply costs and volatility can make us a valuable partner for your long-term goals.

How do we request a proposal?

Simply call (800) 385-7893 to request a free, no-obligation review of your current energy costs along with our best recommendation. No personal or financial information is required, so it’s easy to get started.

What if there are emergencies or account questions?

If you have an emergency related to your natural gas or electricity, you’ll still call your utility. They will be there to help you, as always. Otherwise you can contact your dedicated Global Energy representative with other account questions.