Jessie was born in Southeastern China, not far from Taiwan, moved to New York 10 years ago and began working for Global in 2010, fast becoming right hand woman to company President John Kim.

A great example of a multilingual Global Energy Agent, she speaks two Chinese dialects fluently (Mandarin and Fujianese) and understands Cantonese too. She’s young, but already a vital member of Queens’ Chinese community, where she not only serves as a Global salesperson, but also teaches immigrant business owners how to read their utility bills and frequently helps them write letters questioning unfair billing or business practices.

” 做对的事,
永不言弃 “

Jessie loves to read (the library is her favorite stop on her days off) and has written articles and advertisements for the Chinese language World Journal newspaper targeting owners of Chinese restaurants and Laundromats in her community.

Providing honest energy rates to friends and neighbors who are being overcharged on their gas and electric bills motivates Jessie, who sums up her personal and business philosophy (in English and Mandarin) as:

“Always try to do the right thing, be honest and do your best.”








Li Jieqian