From China, Agent Andy Li came to the U.S.A eleven years ago and his background is similar to many of his customers. He balances his work for Global Energy with another job as a licensed real estate agent. His schedule is actually made to his customers’ advantage, because, as Andy puts it, “I work around the clock, including weekends.”

And, like all of our agents, his business philosophy encompasses more than just making deals; Andy also relishes the opportunity to help hardworking people in difficult situations.

This busy Global Energy agent describes the primary responsibilities of his job as developing relationships with small business owners across the five boroughs, maintaining existing client relationships, and helping his customers resolve energy accounts that have been dropped by an unauthorized third party, which, unfortunately, is a surprisingly common practice.

“Basically there are two types of problems that most of my clients confront,” says Andy. “First, they may struggle with a high floating rate, that is, they receive increasing monthly billings. Second, they may be trapped in a changeable “fixed” rate charged by some ESCOs (energy service companies).”

He adds: “Global Energy earns their trust and respect by offering a reasonable low price and keeping this price for mutually agreed terms.”

” 如果你不会飞,
请你务必保持前进 “

To describe his business and personal philosophy, Andy quotes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.—in English and Chinese!

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

“如果你不会飞,那请你跑起来; 如果你不会走,那请你爬动吧。无论哪种方式可用,请你务必保持前进”