Fast. Honest. Affordable. Dependable. You can have all four when you choose Global Energy as your electric service provider.

With prices sometimes 15-20% lower than our competitors, our state-of-the-art rate calculator (right) quickly shows how much money we can save residential customers like you with a fast, easy-to-understand quote. If you are a business customer looking for low rates please contact us directly for immediate assistance. We are working to improve our electric offerings to business customers but are currently limited to custom quotes for the time being.

Try Global’s calculator and then, if you’d like to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents for a more thorough explanation of our monthly energy contracts, call 1(800) 385-7893.

Representing New York City and Beyond

Based in Queens, we pride ourselves on providing honest, reliable rates directly for businesses and homeowners in our home borough as well as Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, the Bronx, Westchester and much of Long Island. Residential rates for all of these areas are easily accessible through our rate calculator.

However, if you live outside these regions, we can still assist you—personally. Our team is constantly helping customers in other regions find lower, reliable energy rates. Contact one of our experienced agents at 1 (800) 385-7893 to learn more.

Options, but No Gimmicks

Use our Rate Calculator to find your “fixed” or “variable” rate electric plan.

We offer both “fixed rate” and “variable rate” electric plans. The “Fixed-Price Plan” – available for both business and residential customers – provides a single fixed price for electricity usage for the term of the agreement. This means that a price is set in advance and protects the customer against fluctuations in the energy market, such as those that arise from an extremely cold winter or hotter-than-usual summer.

Though fixed pricing doesn’t guarantee savings, it does provide peace-of-mind because your monthly bill will be the same for the duration of your contract. Fixed pricing means you can plan and budget your energy expenses months – and sometimes even years – in advance.

Variable pricing can be ideal for customers who want to take advantage of potential rate decreases in the utility markets. For those customers, Global offers “variable rate plans” in which the rate you’re charged on your bill each month is tied to market rates. When market energy rates decrease, your bill drops; when they rise, your bill increases too.

Whichever electric energy plan you choose, you can trust that when you switch to Global Energy, you’ll receive honest pricing with no escalating rates or hidden fees and, once you switch, you’ll never experience any drop in the overall quality of your electric service.

Please contact us today by calling 1 (800) 385-7893.