Solar Energy

Converting to solar energy is a solid investment that will reduce both your power bill and your environmental footprint. At Global, we provide a free consulting service that allows residential and commercial customers to receive strong, unbiased advice on making that investment.

We offer this service for two reasons:

1) Solar energy is a great long-term investment for our customers.
2) It’s better for the environment.

Why Go Solar?

One of the first questions wary customers ask us is: “Why should I go through the trouble of installing solar panels on my roof?” We offer four strong reasons:

Affordability/Savings/Pricing. It’s hard for most of us to wrap our heads around, but after you install solar panels, you don’t have to pay for the energy they produce. And when your panels are producing more energy than you’re consuming, your electric meter actually runs backwards. Often your only expense will be a small fee paid to your utility company.

These savings add up quickly! With modern financing options, federal and state incentives, and low solar equipment pricing, you can save money from day one and sometimes never even pay out of pocket for installation. There has never been a better time to go solar!

Reduced Environmental Footprint. Solar eliminates or reduces a long list of environmentally harmful emissions, including greenhouse gases, rain acidification and more.

Control Your Energy Future. You can escape the trap of ever-climbing energy rates by replacing some or all of your electric bill with a clean and unlimited supply of solar energy.

Increased Property Values/Low Maintenance. Solar panels come with long-term warranties, have few moving parts and are surprisingly easy to clean. Snow even melts faster on solar panels, which often produce energy more efficiently in the winter. Installing solar panels usually increases property values and, in many regions, houses powered by solar panels sell twice as fast as similar properties without them.

Why Use Global, Why Trust Global?

It’s fairly easy to find a provider in your region who can install solar panels.

So why use Global? Because we provide free representation services, have thoroughly researched all of these providers for you and because we’ve condensed the solar review process into four easy-to-understand steps. Global offers:

  • An initial consultation with an experienced solar energy representative who will explain how solar works and then determine your specific needs for financing, system design and other factors.
  • First Proposals. Next, we reach out to solar partners to receive bids that fit your needs, and then present you with all the proposals, along with our recommendations and the reasoning behind those recommendations.
  • Site Audit Representation. For commercial clients we even meet the chosen provider for an onsite engineering analysis before accepting their final proposal.
  • Final Proposal Analysis. After receiving the proposal from your chosen solar provider, your Global Energy solar consultant will walk you through the proposal, answering any additional questions you may have.

Clean Energy, Reliable Recommendations

We believe strongly in the future of solar power and provide this service because we care deeply about the environment and the economic wellbeing of our customers.

At Global Energy, we do our research to determine which equipment, financing, and sales process style best suits our customers and then recommend solar companies that provide that equipment, great service and reasonable pricing.

To learn more about the solar options in your area and start saving, call us today at (800) 385-7893 or contact us online.