Green Energy

If you’ve been thinking about doing your part for the environment by purchasing “green” gas and/or electric energy, Global Energy can help you make this seamless transition for your home or business and probably charge you less than our competitors in the process.

Yes, green rates are higher than standard gas and electric rates for the same amount of energy used. However, Global’s rates are generally lower than our competitors’ rates because we don’t make any margin on the “carbon offset,” a frequently used term which refers to a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for (or “offset”) emissions produced elsewhere. In some cases, our competitors charge up to six times more than Global for their carbon offsets. Global Energy isn’t in the business of taking advantage of your good will to protect the environment, we’re in the business of honesty and progress.

Homeowners who “go green” through Global Energy know that they’re helping the environment, while companies can also honestly market themselves as green businesses without breaking the bank. Not convinced? Check out our green rates on the easy-to-use rate calculator above.

How This Easy Option Works

If you don’t read any further, know this:
When you choose Global’s green rate option for gas and/or electric service, you’ll still receive just one monthly bill and see no difference in your energy supply or billing.

Here’s how it works. The expense of the carbon offset is bundled with your gas/electric supply coming from Global Energy. We pool the total usage of the customers who have chosen the “green gas” and/or “green electric” rate and, after converting that number to metric tons of carbon dioxide, we purchase that number of metric tons on a quarterly basis from our green energy partner TerraPass,* a social enterprise that provides carbon offset products to individuals and businesses.

For gas customers, we take your gas usage and purchase the correct number of carbon offsets on a quarterly basis. Though your rate will be slightly higher, you’ll know you’re effectively neutralizing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by your natural gas usage. For green electric customers, the process is very similar, the only difference being that Global converts their electric usage from kilowatt-hours to metric tons of carbon dioxide based on their utility’s reporting of the CO2 and KWh produced on their grid.

Our Promise

While the process may sound a bit confusing, we make this transparent promise: Whether a customer chooses our “regular” gas or electric rates or our green gas/electric options, Global Energy makes the same amount of profit. Meanwhile, our green rate customers will be having a powerful impact on cleaning up the environment for future generations.

To learn more or to begin making a difference, call Global Energy today at (800) 385-7893 and find out how easy it is for you to “go green.”

* Terrapass carbon offsets fund a variety of emissions-reduction and renewable energy projects that would not be able to function without the support of Green energy consumers. More information on specific projects can be found here.