Before I started working for Global Energy, I was sold on the integrity of this organization and its commitment to its customers. I am proud to now lead the development of Global’s green products to help reduce the environmental impact of both our customers and our own business.

With the introduction of our new website, and it’s easy-to-use rate calculator, I believe we’re well on our way to achieving our goal of making environmentally responsible choices readily available to our customers.

What’s also essential to our green energy offers is Global’s collaborative relationship with our clean energy partner TerraPass. Their groundbreaking initiatives inspire us and help make it possible for Global to provide impactful green gas and electric options at affordable rates.

Founded in 2004, TerraPass helps thousands of businesses and hundreds of thousands of individual consumers take responsibility for their impact on the environment by purchasing carbon offsets* to fund greenhouse gas-reducing developments.

TerraPass initiatives have backed dozens of renewable energy and greenhouse gas sequestration projects that have reduced gases in our atmosphere equivalent to billions of tons of carbon dioxide.

Through our relationship with TerraPass, Global is helping gas and electric customers become part of the solution to the negative environmental impact of most energy consumption.

If you’re on the fence about switching to green energy options, check out the TerraPass website. They offer some awesome, inspirational explanations of the positive impact each purchasing option can achieve. We think you’ll be convinced that the time to “Go Green With Global” is now.

* Carbon Offsets support emissions reduction projects, the only way to balance the impact of the ongoing CO2 emissions we – as energy consumers – can’t avoid.