[accordion_item title=”What can I expect when I choose Global Energy?”]
Though your rate will often be lower, nothing will change about the quality of your gas or electric service. For customers in New York City and beyond, Global Energy offers many advantages, including:

  1. Competitive pricing, often as much as 15% below our competitors.
  2. Financial stability. When you work with Global Energy, you can lock in a reasonable, reliable monthly gas or electric rate for one, two and sometimes even three years. This makes budgeting for small businesses and homeowners much easier.
  3. Receptive and attentive customer service. Global Energy’s team of experts routinely corresponds with all of our customers to inform them of any and all industry and/or market changes.
  4. Problem Solving. Our agents have flexible hours and frequently help customers understand the details of their energy bills, not only Global Energy’s monthly bills, but also those of their current/previous providers. We have helped many customers resolve difficult, often highly confusing and deceptive, issues with their former providers.


[accordion_item title=”If I choose Global Energy, will I be changing my Utility Company?”]
The answer is generally “no.” Though your rate will be negotiated through Global, your current utility will continue to provide your energy, read your meter, etc. The quality and reliability of your service will not change.

[accordion_item title=”So what is the difference between Global and my local utility?”]
Global is a retail supplier of natural gas and electricity to New York City and other regions, while local energy distributors (like Con Edison) are regulated entities that deliver natural gas or electricity to your home or business. Though Global negotiates rates and purchases gas and electricity on the open market, your local utility will continue to deliver your natural gas or electricity.

[accordion_item title=”You keep mentioning “lower rates” and “savings,” does Global Energy guarantee savings for everyone who signs up?”]
More often than not, our rates are lower than the competition. While we can’t always guarantee lower rates, we can promise consistent monthly rates. With Global, you can lock in a fixed monthly rate when you sign your contact for one or two years. That means that if energy rates go up, you save with your fixed rate. If they drop, you continue to pay the fixed rate. Either way, you’ll know your monthly rate for months or years in advance. For more details, see our Rates page.

[accordion_item title=”Who will I be dealing with when I call Global Energy?”]
All of Global Energy’s agents are independent contractors with flexible hours who have close ties to their communities. Most have worked for us for a number of years, and many are bilingual and build their client base through word-of-mouth referrals. To better understand their commitment to service, visit our Agents page to read more about some key members of our team.

[accordion_item title=”What does knowing the industry have to do with saving me money?”]
Industry knowledge is highly important in considering the purchasing options and negotiating the best prices. We do our research and we know the ins-and-outs of the industry. This means we can navigate channels to get you a low, reliable rate.

[accordion_item title=”How do seasonal variations affect the price I pay?”]
Market conditions change with the seasons. So we change strategies to take advantage of them for your benefit, including our index-plus variable pricing option.

[accordion_item title=”Where does my local utility company fit in?”]
Your local utility company will continue to deliver the energy (you purchase from us) through its pipes, wires and equipment. Global’s customers continue receiving the same service and reliability they’re accustomed to. In fact, by law, your utility company can’t provide a different quality of service to customers who have chosen an alternate supplier.

[accordion_item title=”Who will handle emergencies with my service?”]
If you have an emergency related to your natural gas or electricity, you’ll still call your utility. They’ll be there to help you, as always.

[accordion_item title=”How will I be billed? And how will I pay my bill?”]
You’ll continue to receive one bill from your utility company and pay the same way you normally do, writing just one check to your local utility for all of your energy costs.

[accordion_item title=”Can I pay electronically?”]
If your utility offers an electronic billing option, then you can continue to use it.

[accordion_item title=”Will Global tell me when my contract expires (or is about to expire) or will you just renew me automatically?”]
We pride ourselves on complete transparency; we’ll always notify you before your contract expires and offer the option to renew with us or choose another provider.

[accordion_item title=”How do you handle budget billing?”]
If you’re on a budget-billing plan, Global can provide custom solutions to meet your needs. Please call us at (800) 385-7893 for more information.

[accordion_item title=”So, if I choose Global Energy, is there any risk to me?”]
There’s no risk to you at any time. Your energy supply is delivered directly to each utility, so the transition is invisible to you. The utility continues to maintain the infrastructure of pipelines and wires, read the meters, and respond to emergencies. As a result, you receive the same high-quality energy, with the same reliability, but at lower cost.

[accordion_item title=”Are there any enrollment or switching fees?”]
No. We want you to save money in every way possible.

[accordion_item title=”Do you have any minimum usage requirements?”]
We don’t. There aren’t any minimum usage requirements when you use Global Energy.

[accordion_item title=”How do I sign up?”]
Enrolling with Global Energy is easy. Use our Rate Calculator to view your rates and sign up online or Simply call us at 1(800)385-7893 and one of our expert, multilingual agents will guide you through the enrollment process. We will also assist you with any questions you may have, including the process of disengaging from your current ESCO.

[accordion_item title=”What makes ‘Global’ different from any ordinary ESCO (energy service company)?”]
The answer is best described in one word: “integrity.” Global Energy was formed in 2004 by a concerned group of business owners who became committed to providing real energy solutions with straightforward terms. You can read more about our unique business philosophy on the About Us page of this website.

[accordion_item title=”What happens if I enter into a fixed-rate contract with Global Energy and I decide I want to cancel the contract early?”]
First, we charge no termination fee for our variable rate service contracts, and, though we’ve never had an ETF on a fixed-price contract so far, you do have the option to opt out of a fixed-rate contract. However, because we purchase gas and electricity on your behalf for the length of your contract upon signup, there are termination fees involved.

Our standard contract reads: If fixed rate service the projected amount of electricity to be consumed by you for the remainder of the current Term multiplied by the difference between the fixed price in effect for the remainder of the current Term and the price at which Global can sell such gas and / or electricity following the termination; However, for all residential customers and commercial customers solicited through door-to-door marketing, the ETF will be no greater than $100 if the remaining term is less than 12 months and $200 if the remaining term is 12 months or more.

For a more detailed explanation, or if you’d like to cancel your current fixed-rate contract, please contact us at 1(800)385-7893.

[accordion_item title=”I’ve been thinking about switching to solar energy. Can you help me?”]
The short answer is “Yes we can and you’ve come to the right place.” At Global, we provide a free consulting service that allows residential and commercial customers to receive unbiased advice on making that investment. Converting your home or business to solar energy is not only better for the environment, it can be a strong investment too. Call us at 1(800)385-7893 or visit our Solar Energy page to learn more about this service.

[accordion_item title=”I’ve also heard a lot about “Green Energy.” Does Global Energy offer Green Energy products?”]
Global offers unique green gas and green electric products that support a wide array of environmental projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gases and pollution. We also offer direct renewable energy development solutions as part of our solar consulting service

We offer both Green Gas and Green Electric rates. Though the rates are slightly higher, by choosing these options you’ll be effectively neutralizing your greenhouse gas emissions and doing your part for the environment. And the quality of your service will not change.

Visit our Green Energy Page or call 1(800)385-7893 to learn more about Global’s Green Energy options.