New York State Just Made You a Green Energy Purchaser

If you live in the State of New York, you just became a purchaser of green energy. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), whose stated goal is to “advance innovative energy solutions in ways that improve New York’s economy and environment,” has teamed up with the state to institute the Clean [ Read more ]

Major Regulations Proposed by Public Service Commission Aimed at Protecting Residential and Small Business Customers

In a landmark ruling that may shake up the retail energy industry, the Public Service Commission of New York State released a set of new regulations to increase protections for residential and small business energy customers. Pending the approval of these new regulations, which are currently under review following resistance from the ESCO industry, new [ Read more ]

5 Things to look out for When Choosing an Energy Supplier

Taken from the Queens Chronicle, Published 9/24/2015 If you own a restaurant, hardware store, laundromat, or other small business in Queens, you’ve probably been approached multiple times by cold calls and door-to-door salespeople asking you to switch your energy provider. They can be aggressive and, unfortunately, they frequently prey on business people who speak English [ Read more ]

Transforming an Industry: How Global Energy is Changing Energy Supply for Local Businesses

Taken from the Queens Chronicle, Printed September 17, 2015 It was 2010, and Forest Hills resident and Pastor John Kim sat at his desk with his head in his hands, overwhelmed with frustration. His recently founded energy supply company, Global Energy, sat stagnant at 17 commercial accounts. His desire and ability to provide honest and [ Read more ]