From China, Agent Andy Li came to the U.S.A eleven years ago and his background is similar to many of his customers. He balances his work for Global Energy with another job as a licensed real estate agent. His schedule is actually made to his customers’ advantage, because, as Andy puts it, “I work around the clock, including weekends.”
A gifted problem-solver, Kent entered the energy marketplace in the late 1990’s and has since negotiated deals for businesses in every deregulated state.  As founder and President of Utmost Energy, Kent recognized that Global Energy shared an uncompromising belief in transparency and technical capability, leading to a seamless integration of the two businesses.

Using his expertise in understanding the economic impact that wide-ranging issues have on the energy industry, Kent helps businesses navigate a dynamic financial and regulatory environment to develop successful energy strategies. 

Outside of the industry, Kent enjoys playing basketball, traveling, discovering new restaurants, and beating John at ping pong.